Before You Buy

The  Buyer Advisory, is provided by the Arizona Association of Realtors. This document is so important that we will ask you to acknowledge that you have read it prior to purchasing property.     It is a good page to bookmark,  it answers or links to the answers to all of the questions you could ever ask about your Arizona home purchase.

Common Documents A Buyer Should Review

Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s)
HOA Disclosures
Home Warrantee Policy
Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
Loan Documents
Professional Home Inspection Report
Purchase Contract
Sellers Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
Property Buyers Checklist
Subdivision Public Report
Title Report

Common Physical Conditions in the Property A Buyer Should Investigate

Deaths and Felonies of the Property
Flood Plain Status
Insurance Claims History (C.L.U.E)
Property Boundaries
Soil Problems
Square Footage
Swimming Pools and Spas
Swimming Pools Barriers

Conditions Affecting the Area Surrounding the Property the Buyer Should Investigate

Crime Statistics
Environmental Concerns
Forested Areas
Freeway Construction and Traffic Conditions
Military and Public Airports
Sex Offender
Superfund Sites
Zoning/Planning/Neighborhood Services

Information about Fair Housing and Disability Laws



  1. I would absolutely suggest having a professional land survey done. Your realtor should be able to recommend a surveyor or company that will do a good job, and leave you in no doubt as to the boundaries of your land.

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